We Are Hiring

We are constantly on the look for AZ / DZ drivers.

 We offer: 

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  • Benefits (Dental & Medical)
  • 24/7 live answer dispatch
  • SAFE and well-maintained trucks
  • Day cabs / night cabs
  • 5 ton-trailer-flatbed-temp. controlled
  • U.S. work ($$$)
  • Local (GTA / Airport)
  • Highway (Ontario, Quebec, New York)
  • A respectful and easy-going work environment. 

 Our Philosophy: 

In the lawyer’s office, the most important person is the lawyer. In a bakery, the most important person is the baker. But how come, in the trucking industry, companies do not extend this same philosophy to their drivers? 

At Mittman Carriers we understand med advice the challenges drivers in this industry face and we work every day to make sure that our drivers are happy and taken care of. https://es.medadvice.net/premier-miracle-noir-mask/  

  1. Safety. We make sure that all of our trucks are in safe working condition. All of our equipment is maintained and serviced in house. 
  2. Respect. Mittman Carriers is a family owned and operated company that has NOT lost sight of our drivers. Our culture fosters the growth, involvement and development of all of our staff, drivers included. 
  3. Money. Let’s keep this one in bold. The work is out there, the money is waiting to be made, the harder you work, the more you’ll get. It’s that simple. 

 If you have any questions, or would like to inquire about our employment opportunities don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

 Please contact us: