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In Germany, in the late 1800’s my Great Grandfather specialized in the transportation of horses. In those days, the horses would be tied to each other with ropes and a great convoy of horses would travel along the country roads. My great grandfather would transport highly trained horses ready for the city and bring the old horses back to the to the farms or to the soap factories. When my Grandfather Karl joined the business, he saw the opportunity to bring the farm products back to the city. Based in Hamburg Germany, my grandfather was the first delivery service in Hamburg to purchase a truck for the purpose of cartage. In 1925, my Grandfather Karl made headline news when his truck rolled over in a ditch destroying a truckload of fresh farms eggs. The News Paper caption read…”This never would have happened with a horse drawn carriage, the future of motorized trucks is uncertain”.

In 1957, when my family immigrated to Canada, my Grandfather started delivering fruits and vegetables from the newly constructed “Ontario Food Terminal” in Toronto.
When my father Gerry Mittman joined the family business, he chose a completely different direction and started in the Moving Business. With all his kids working the various jobs, our family soon established what was to become Toronto’s premier Furniture Delivery business. I joined the family business in 1978 and by 1986 our family started servicing general freight of all kinds and in the 90’s we added a small fleet of temperature-controlled trailers.

Today we boast a diversified company with multiple divisions providing uncompromised ‘Best-In-Class’ services, including our core strength as an asset-based third-party logistics (3PL) provider.


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Transportations leaders with over 50 years of experience

Whether you require shipping across the city, across the country or beyond, we have a fast and reliable solution for transporting your goods. We specialize in local cartage, cross-border LTL shipping, 3PL freight forwarding, temperature controlled shipments, trailer rentals, warehousing and cross-docking.

Our Mission

At Mittman Carriers we strive to provide best-in-class logistics by putting customer service at the forefront of our business model. We take a genuine approach to caring not only for our own clients, but for our clients' customers as well. Our goal is to acquire and retain customers who care about the accuracy and reliability of their logistics. We are constantly striving for the highest level of dedication and uncompromised safety standards. The team at Mittman Carriers brings experience, innovation, and a level of service you can depend on.

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