Cross Border LTL Shipping

For over 50 years Mittman Carriers has been a trusted name in the transportation industry, specializing in LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipping services across North America. We are committed to being a best-in-class logistics and transportation provider, and our cross-border shipping between Canada and the US is just one of our many services.

Connected with the top carriers in the industry, Mittman Carriers has partnered with America’s largest LTL networks making us your first choice for freight forwarding and LTL freight services. With our international LTL logistics expertise and connections, you can trust us to handle your cross-border shipments with efficiency. When shipping to the US, our highly trained dispatch staff and advanced tracking software ensure that your shipments are managed with precision and transparency.

Regardless of the type of goods, materials, or produce that require shipping, you can rely on Mittman Carriers to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your shipments to their US cross-border destination.

Don’t require a full truckload but need to ship to the USA? Our LTL transport solutions are designed to meet your specific shipping needs, while ensuring that you don’t pay for empty space on our trucks.

So, when it comes to shipping, remember: we go where you need us to, and will help you save money with our dependable LTL services. 

Choose Mittman Carriers, because when it comes to LTL shipping – we deliver.

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Expanding Your Delivery Options

Access to Limitless Last Mile Solutions with Tailgate Services

We offer a wide array of options and strategies for efficiently completing the final delivery of your products, using various delivery methods, such as tailgate services, dock-to-dock, driver assist, and home delivery.

Transportation Solutions for Any Load Type

Dry Loads

Dry load transport services cater to non-perishable items like consumer goods, electronics, or dry food products. Special handling or temperature control is unnecessary for these types of loads.

Frozen Loads

Refrigerated trailers designed to maintain sub-zero temperatures and are crucial for transporting perishable items like frozen foods, ice cream, or pharmaceuticals that require cold temperatures.

Heated Loads

Transport services with heated trailers are essential for the safe transport of goods in colder climates to prevent freezing and are crucial for products such as food, beverages, and chemicals.

Fresh Loads

The shipping of fresh goods using a temperature-controlled trailer can help increase shelf life. These typically include organic products such as fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and flowers.

LTL Shipping