Local GTA Cartage

Mittman Carriers has been providing delivery services across the Greater Toronto Area for over 50 years. As a local cartage transit provider, our commitment to transportation is evident through our range of delivery services. 

Whether you require a last-mile delivery service or need to ship to the other side of Toronto, we ensure prompt delivery with shorter transit times. Our temperature control options, including frozen and heated trailers, guarantee the safe transport of your goods, maintaining their quality from the beginning to the end of their destination.

By booking with Mittman Carriers, you’ll have the full support of a reliable local shipping company, backed by years of quality service and experience. Discover the convenience of a full-service logistics company by scheduling your next delivery with us today. 

Trust Mittman Carriers for on-time deliveries, every time. We are your choice for GTA deliveries.

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Time-Sensitive Shipping Solutions

Get Flexible and Fast Delivery for All Your Shipments

We offer a range of delivery options, including same-day, expedited, and overnight delivery, for your time-sensitive shipping requirements. Contact us with your shipping needs, and we'll provide the best option for you.

Local Cartage Solutions for Any Load Type

Dry Loads

Transport services for dry loads focus on non-perishable items such as consumer goods, electronics, or dry food products. These loads do not require temperature control or special handling.

Frozen Loads

Maintaining sub-zero temperatures is essential for the transportation of perishable items such as frozen foods or pharmaceuticals. Refrigerated trailers ensure these temperatures are met.

Heated Loads

Cartage services for transporting goods in colder climates or during the winter months to prevent freezing. Products include food and beverages, plastics and construction materials.

Fresh Loads

Using temperature-controlled trailers for shipping fresh produce can significantly preserve the quality and freshness of organic products like fruits, vegetables, dairy, and even flowers.

Local Cartage