Commercial Trailer Rentals in the GTA

Mittman Carriers has over 100 commercial trailers for rent with short-term, and long-term availability. Our fleet of 53′ Dry Van and Reefer (Temperature Controlled Trailer) trailers are well maintained and are ready to meet all of your transportation and storage needs.

As a leading logistics and transportation company we understand that having a reliable trailer is vital for ensuring the smooth operation of your logistics requirements.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Mittman Carriers has over 50 years of experience working with clients across numerous industries.

Does your company have a truckload of goods to move, or needs extra storage space for inventory? Whether you require a trailer for storage or need one to hit the road, our trailers are prepped and ready to go for immediate rental. You can count on Mittman Carriers to deliver high-quality trailers when you need them most. Contact us today for a trailer rental request.

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Commercial Trailer Rentals in Toronto

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Need to rent a commercial trailer for your business? We have plenty of trailers to choose from, including Dry Vans and Refrigerated trailers. Simply reach out to us to set up a time and place for your trailer rental.

Trailer Rental Options in Toronto

Dry Van Trailers

Fully certified and road ready, we rent both Highway and local city cartage trailers. Offering protection from the elements, they are ideal for transporting consumer goods, non-perishable food items, electronics, and dry goods. Their sturdy construction ensures that your cargo remains shielded from weather conditions.

Reefer/Refrigerated Trailers

A specialized trailer designed for temperature-controlled transportation. Equipped with a refrigeration unit, they are crucial for ensuring the safe transport of perishable goods, including produce, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, or temperature-sensitive cargo.

Storage Trailers

Storage trailers are ideal for providing additional capacity for your business to handle peak seasons and temporary inventory. Whether it's to accommodate excess stock, seasonal goods, or for unexpected surges, storage trailers provide flexibility to act swiftly.

Commercial Trailer Rentals