Shipping from Toronto, ON to Atlanta, GA

At Mittman Carriers, we have been transporting goods for over five decades and are constantly enhancing our logistics network with each passing year!

Our expertise is focused in LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipping across North America, ensuring reliable and efficient shipping from Toronto, Ontario to Atlanta, Georgia with our specialization extending coast to coast. 

Leveraging our international LTL logistics expertise and extensive industry connections, we ensure the efficient and careful management of your shipments across the Canada-U.S. border. Our sophisticated tracking technology and expert dispatch team provide precision and transparency in handling your shipments from Toronto to Atlanta.

No matter the type of goods—whether materials, products, or perishables—you can depend on Mittman Carriers for secure and punctual delivery to Atlanta. If your shipping needs do not require a full truckload, our LTL solutions from Toronto to Atlanta are tailored to optimize space and reduce costs, ensuring you only pay for the space you use.

For your Toronto to Atlanta shipping requirements, trust Mittman Carriers. We not only meet your logistical needs but also help you save money with our reliable LTL services. 

Ready to start shipping? Choose Mittman Carriers for your LTL shipments from Toronto to Atlanta and get reliable delivery.

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Affordable Transportation Services Between Atlanta and Toronto

Cost-Effective LTL Shipping Solutions

Save money with our LTL shipping services across Atlanta and Toronto. With Less Than Truckload shipping we can divide transportation costs between other shippers, which results in significant savings compared to full truckload shipping. If you need to ship a single skid or larger, we provide cost-effective transportation for companies requiring cross-border shipping.

Get Temperature-Controlled Shipping

Dry, Frozen, Heated, and Fresh Solutions for Every Load


Extend shelf life for fresh goods like fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and flowers using temperature-controlled trailers for shipping.


Ensure the safe transport of perishable items like frozen foods, ice cream, or pharmaceuticals with refrigerated trailers.


Keep goods safe from freezing in cold climates with heated trailers, essential for products such as food, beverages, and chemicals.


Transport non-perishable items such as consumer goods, electronics, or dry food products without the need for special handling.

Toronto to Atlanta LTL