Fast LTL Shipping: Toronto to Miami

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Mittman Carriers has been providing cross-border shipping solutions between Canada and the USA for over 50 years. We extend our expert LTL shipping services beyond Toronto’s dynamic shipping sector, with specialized LTL services to Miami, a key commercial hub. Whether your destination is the Port of Miami or the colorful streets of Little Havana, we ensure seamless cargo transitions from the industrious areas of Toronto to the bustling markets of Miami.

Why Mittman Carriers Stands Out for Toronto to Miami Shipments

Customized Shipping Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Our services cater to diverse sectors—from Toronto’s trendy King West area to the innovative corridors of Miami’s Design District:

Adaptive Scheduling and Comprehensive Service Options: We offer customized pickup and delivery schedules to integrate seamlessly with your logistical needs.

Expert Handling of Delicate Cargo: Our facilities and operations are optimized for the safe transport of sensitive items, ensuring that perishable goods retain their quality from Toronto to Miami.

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Start your LTL shipment with Mittman Carriers and enjoy a stress-free shipping experience. Reach out to us to plan your shipping schedule or to explore our customized logistics solutions, perfectly linking Toronto with Miami.

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Cost-Effective Canada / US LTL Shipping Solutions

Connect with Mittman Carriers for assured, prompt, and economically efficient LTL shipping from Toronto’s energetic urban core to the vibrant heart of Miami. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and satisfaction.

Get Temperature-Controlled Shipping

Dry, Frozen, Heated, and Fresh Solutions for Every Load


Items that need to be kept frozen, such as frozen foods and sensitive pharmaceuticals, are transported in our refrigerated trailers that maintain a consistent sub-zero environment.


Our dry trailers are perfect for transporting non-perishable items such as electronics and packaged foods, ensuring they are delivered safely and unaffected by temperature changes.


Our climate-controlled trailers ensure that perishables like produce and dairy maintain their freshness throughout transit, thanks to precise temperature regulation.


For products sensitive to cold, our heated trailers provide a warm environment to transport items like food, beverages, and chemicals, preventing any freezing and preserving quality.

Toronto to Miami LTL Shipping